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Java Problems?

If you are having a problem playing our Java games and puzzles, here are some possible solutions.

Check that Java is enabled in your browser

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on Tools / Internet Options in the menu. Then click on the Advanced tab of the window that appears. Scroll down until you come to the heading "Microsoft VM". Make sure that all the checkboxes relating to Java have ticks in them. Click on "OK" to enable any changes you make.

If you have previously been able to play our games, but they have stopped working

If our games have stopped working, and you have not changed your PC, operating system or browser, the problem is probably a temporary one in your browser.

All browsers, but Internet Explorer in particular, sometimes corrupt pages that they have stored in memory. This is particularly a problem with pages that use Java, if it is a while since you rebooted your PC or you have been visiting many pages using Java.

To correct this type of problem, try the following steps:

Try reloading the page you are having problems with, by clicking on the Refresh (or Reload) icon at the top of your browser window, while at the same time holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard. This makes your browser reload the page and fetch a new copy of the Java applet.

If the game still does not appear correctly, try the following steps:

1. Clear your browser's cache of stored pages that it is holding in memory. To do this in Explorer, click on Tools in the menu, then Internet Options, then Delete Files.

2. Shut down and restart your PC.

3. Start your browser and access the page again.

If you have upgraded Internet Explorer or Windows

Earlier versions of Internet Explorer have always included a Java Virtual Machine as standard, which caters for web pages using Java. Unfortunately, because of Microsoft's ongoing battle with Sun Microsystems they have stopped doing this. This means that Java is no longer a standard feature in Internet Explorer but is an optional add-on.

For further information, please see the following pages:

CNET's Murder on the Java Express

Microsoft's How to Troubleshoot Java Problems in Internet Explorer

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