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Challenging Crosswords for Kids: Official American Mensa Puzzle Book
Trip Payne : Sterling Publications, October 2003 : Paperback

Kids will enjoy testing their knowledge of popular sayings, books, cartoons, TV shows, nursery rhymes, animals, sports, music, geography, and more with 40 terrific crossword puzzles. Packed with clues that include a little bit of everything, and that offer a challenge without using obscure words, these puzzles are fun to do. So while children think of solving the puzzles as a game, they'll learn new things, too.

Children's Word Games and Crossword Puzzles: Ages 7-9
Eugene Maleska : Random House, 1986 : Paperback

With this first-rate volume, your child will share the pleasures known to crossword puzzle fans of all ages. Here are thirty-five of the best, most imaginative word games and crossword puzzles for children ages seven to nine. Eugene T. Maleska, former crossword puzzle editor of The New York Times and a former English and Latin teacher with the New York City school system, brought together these original puzzles and games by the country's most illustrious puzzle constructors. This collection will introduce children everywhere to the fun and challenge of word games!

Children's Word Games and Crossword Puzzles: Ages 7-9: Volume 2
Eugene Maleska : Random House, 1986 : Paperback

Following the success of the first volume of word games for first, second and third graders, Eugene Maleska once again has produced a collection of forty imaginative, entertaining, enriching puzzles that delightfully show the youngest puzzle-doers how words work.

Children's Word Games and Crossword Puzzles: Ages 7-9: Volume 3
Eugene Maleska : Times Books, 1992 : Paperback

Hurray! Eugene T. Maleska presents his latest collection of wonderful word games and crosswords for first, second, and third graders. These thirty-six puzzles by the country's most notable constructors will offer children everywhere an entertaining and rewarding activity - and one that will introduce them to the enriching world of words.

Clever Crosswords for Kids: Official American Mensa Puzzle Book
Trip Payne : Sterling Publications, March 2005 : Paperback

Master puzzle maker Trip Payne has come up with another brain-busting collection that will wow youngsters. His Crosswords for Kids has sold nearly 60,000 copies, and his Great Crosswords for Kids is on its way to similar success; these oh-so-clever puzzles should scale the heights of popularity, too. Children will enjoy figuring out such kid-friendly clues as "Last name of the author of Curious George," "One of Santa's helpers," and "Sylvester the Cat chased him." And while they're having a good time filling in the answers, youngsters will also improve their vocabulary, learn interesting facts, and boost their powers of concentration.

Crosswords for Kids: Official American Mensa Puzzle Book
Trip Payne : Sterling Publications, 1999 : Paperback

Do you know the three-letter word for a female sheep? How about the four-letter name of Dr. Frankenstein's assistant? And can you complete this song title with a three-letter word: "___ to the World"? Ready to take on more clues? Then try your hand at a host of crossword puzzles for hours of challenges and amusement. They're filled with words for things that kids know a lot about--games, food, school, sports, music, geography, and so on. And they vary in degree of difficulty. Some of the clues can be answered with a short word; for others, you'll need to think of two words. If you get stumped, check the back of the book where all of the answers are provided. And speaking of answers, here are the ones to the questions above: ewe; Igor; and Joy

Great Crosswords for Kids: Official American Mensa Puzzle Book
Trip Payne : Sterling Publications, August 2002 : Paperback

Can you remember what Tweety-Bird likes to say, or identify The Three Stooges? Know the name of an island near Florida or the direction the sun rises? Test your word power with 40 super-fun crosswords from the folks at American Mensa. Each puzzle features all the things you love-your favorite books, movies and cartoons; the games you play; and lots more. And when you come across a clue that stumps you-don't worry! Just go on and do the others and soon you'll be able to fill in the blanks. There are names of planets and continents, lines from "Yankee Doodle Dandy," nursery rhyme words, plus the nickname for Texas, a red flower with thorns, and a singing chipmunk. It's smart entertainment!

Great Word Search Puzzles for Kids
Mark Danna : Sterling Pub., September 1999 : Paperback

Question: You're not at a loss for words, you just can't find them. What are you doing? Answer: You're working on challenging word search puzzles (and having a great time while you're at it)!

More Outrageous Crossword Puzzles and Word Games for Kids
Helene Hovanec : Griffin, August 2002 : Paperback

Outrageous Crossword Puzzle and Word Game Book for Kids
Helene Hovanec : St. Martin's Press, April 2002 : Paperback

Super Crosswords for Kids: Official American Mensa Puzzle Book
Trip Payne : Sterling Pub., March 2003 : Paperback

Give kids some smart fun! Crosswords are simply the perfect combination of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. They get children thinking: in fact, when youngsters follow the clues to find the correct answers they're actually solving mini-mysteries and using logic. One of the best puzzle-makers around presents delightfully brainteasing crosswords made just for kids; they're so good they've even earned Mensa's endorsement. Child-friendly clues include references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Wizard of Oz, but also focus on popular sayings, geography, science, nature, comic strips, holidays, and more. It's brainy amusement children will love.

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