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Americana Crosswords : Crisscrossing the Country with 50 All-New Puzzles
Matt Gaffney (Editor) : Sterling Publications , March 2005 : Paperback

Challenge your mind and celebrate the American spirit with this clever collection of theme crossword puzzles. Test your knowledge of American history and geography, presidents, state capitals, Native American tribes, celebrities, tourist sites, sports stars, and more. Do you know an 8-letter early Florida resident? How about Alabama's state flower (8 letters)? What 10-letter battle is often seen as the turning point of the Civil War? Can you guess which 5-letter food Thomas Jefferson loved? Or the 5-letter first name of Revels, the first African-American member of Congress? You'll have fun exercising your American ingenuity with these 50 crosswords packed with facts, trivia, and a lot of pride in the U.S.A.
(Answers: Seminole, camellia,Gettysburg, crabs, Hiram.)

A-to-Z Crosswords: All 26 Letters in Every Puzzle
Rich Norris : Sterling Publications , March 2003 : Spiral edition

Every puzzle contains all 26 letters of the alphabet, but you have to know more than just your ABCs to solve these cleverly constructed grids. From "Straight As" to "Grabbing Some Zs," this crossword compendium entices puzzle lovers with 72 alphabet-related brainbusters. Try your hand at any of the 26 themed puzzles, each based on one letter of the alphabet, but be prepared for a twist. Take on the "3-H Club" puzzle and triple your task, finding solutions like "head honcho" and "high-handed," with 3 Hs instead of just one. Or tackle the "B Movies" puzzle, with witty clues and solutions where one letter makes all the difference - What's a 1955 film about a Biblical monster? Beast of Eden, of course! And for those who like their puzzles straight up, there are 46 themeless options to choose from as well.

The Big Book of TV Guide Crosswords #1
: Harperperennial Library , 1993 : Paperback

The Big Book of TV Guide Crosswords #2
: Harperperennial Library , 1993 : Paperback

Charles Preston's Giant Crossword Puzzle Treasury
Charles Preston : Perigee , November 2002: Paperback

100 all-new puzzles from the nation's premier crossword expert.

The Crossword Obsession: The History and Love of the World's Most Popular Pastime
Coral Amende : Berkley Pub Group , November 2002: Paperback

This lively, detailed history of the crossword puzzle gives you the whole story, from square one to the last word. With behind-the-scenes insights from competition champs, opinions from prominent puzzle makers, tips on cluing and construction, and a bonus selection of challenging puzzles, this book will delight anyone who's ever experienced the incomparable satisfaction of filling in the last blank-and finally cracking the crossword.

Crossword Puzzle Challenges For Dummies®
Patrick Berry : John Wiley & Sons, March 2005 : Paperback

For millions of people, no day is complete without solving a crossword puzzle. Crossword Puzzle Challenges For Dummies presents 60 brand new puzzles that will challenge solvers everywhere. But it's also a reference book for crossword fans who want to know more about the craft of puzzle construction and perhaps dream of selling a puzzle one day to the New York Times. Authored by a full-time puzzle constructor whose work appears regularly in the Times, this book shows how great puzzles come together, from the selection of a catchy theme to writing clues that tease the imagination.

The Crosswords Club Collection, Volume 10
Will Weng (ed) : Random House, October 2003 : Spiral-bound

The Crosswords Club Collection does it again in this volume of 50 puzzles, before only enjoyed by the subscribers of the special mail-order service. Now, crossword enthusiasts far and wide can appreciate these treasures, along with the unique Answers section highlighting little-known tidbits about each puzzle.

Crosswords for a Super Brain Workout
Emily Cox, Henry Rathvon, Olivia Carlton : Sterling, October 2003 : Spiral-bound

You can experience a rigorous mental workout with just a lift of the pen and these 140 challenging crossword puzzles. Feel the burn as you tackle these tough crosswords created by renowned puzzle constructors. While some clues test your recall of historical knowledge and vivid vocabulary, others challenge you with themes, from "tongue twisters" to "con men" to "Charles Dickens." There's even a retro selection of puzzles dating back to the 50s and 60s to put you through your pop culture paces.

Editors' Choice Crosswords Collection
Mel Rosen (editor) : Random House, November 2003 : Paperback

This fresh pack of 200 crosswords edited by Mel Rosen is certain to charm fans old and new. This formidable volume contains specially commissioned puzzles from the finest creators around.

Giant Crossword Puzzle Treasury #20
Charles Preston : Perigee, November 2003 : Paperback

Giant Crossword Puzzle Treasury #21
Charles Preston : Perigee, November 2005 : Paperback

Golf Crosswords
Matt Gaffney : Sterling, November 1, 2005 : Paperback

Links lovers will enjoy testing their golfing knowledge on these challenging, fun crosswords, which originally appeared on the PGA Tour website. Created by Matt Gaffney, whose crosswords have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Slate, Billboard, Brill's Content, and Games Magazine, these puzzles abound with golf trivia, facts, stars, history, celebrity quotes, tournament lore, and technical knowledge, from Arnie's Army to Zoeller and everything in between.

Great 30-Minute Crosswords
Rich Norris, Bob Klahn, Martin Ashwood-Smith, Raymond Hamel, Nancy Salomon : Sterling Publications, March 2005 : Paperback

What better way is there to spend a half-hour than by curling up with a creative and challenging crossword? You're sure to enjoy many hours of brain-stretching fun with these lively and engaging puzzlers. Each of the more than 70 examples has been designed to be completed in just 30 minutes-but don't make the mistake of thinking they're easy. You'll have to work quickly and correctly if you're to complete them in the allotted time.

Henry Hook's Guess the Celebrity Crosswords
Henry Hook : Random House, November 2001 : Spiral-bound

This offering from the amazingly creative Henry Hook is really a book of fifty crosswords plus fifty "Who am I?" limericks. First, solve a brand-new Sunday-size crossword. Next, plug the appropriate answers into the limerick at the top of the page. Finally, read the limerick and guess who!

Henry Hook's Trivia-Cross
Henry Hook : Random House, October 2003 : Paperback

Combining a healthy dose of trivia with elements of both crosswords and quotation puzzles, Henry Hook has again created a puzzle variety of his very own. Trivia-Cross has been appearing in books and magazines for years but Henry's never done a whole Trivia-Cross book until this one, consisting of 50 brand-new puzzles. If you're only interested in trivia (especially pop culture), just consider this a straightforward quiz book, with answers listed in the back. But, work the puzzles as you go along, and you'll also end up with 50 quotes - by everyone from Maya Angelou to Frank Zappa.

Humorous Crosswords
Cathy Allis Millhauser : Sterling Publications, March 2003 : Spiral-bound

Puns can make you laugh or groan, but when they're clues to these challenging and fun crossword puzzles, they'll make you smile with satisfaction. Can you find the five-letter word for "a race that's always a tie"? (Answer: ASCOT.) How about the three-letter word for "perform a scull operation"? (Answer: ROW.) If you can get those in short order, how about moving on to a 10-letter word for "small fries"? (That answer is MICROCHIPS.) Most of the puzzles are built around themes with several related words such as vegetables, insects, or Dr. Seuss books. But watch out--the vegetables may be mixed; the insects are puns; and some of the Dr. Seuss puzzle answers include FIGURE OF SNEETCH, GRINCH MEAN TIME, and LAUNCHED A WOCKET. You can find the answers in back, but they're scattered around to make it harder to cheat.

New York Magazine Crosswords, Volume 5
Maura Jacobson : Random House, November 2003 : Paperback

In the fifth volume of crosswords from New York magazine, Maura Jacobson serves up 50 clever and fun puzzles.

New York Magazine Crosswords, Volume 6
Maura Jacobson : Random House, November 2005 : Paperback

These 50 crosswords from fan favorite Maura Jacobson will delight puzzlers everywhere.

Random House Snow Day Crosswords
Stanley Newman : Random House, November 9, 2005 : Paperback

Warm up and relax with the newest collection of 100 daily-size crosswords.

Random House Spring Vacation Crosswords
Stanley Newman : Random House, February 10, 2005 : Paperback

A proven fan favorite, Stanley Newman returns with his next volume of 100 crosswords.

Stanley Newman's Cartoon Crosswords
Stanley Newman : Random House, November 2003 : Paperback

This collection of original, themed crosswords focuses on cartoons: comic strips, comic books, animated cartoons and the characters that populate them all. The subjects of these 50 brand-new puzzles range alphabetically from Archie to Ziggy and chronologically from Krazy Kat (1910) to Dilbert (1989). Each puzzle is accompanied by the date of its subject's first appearance, as well as several pertinent bits of toon trivia.

Stanley Newman's Comedy Legend Crosswords
Stanley Newman : Random House, November 9, 2005 : Paperback

Stanley Newman's latest volume of themed crosswords - about our favorite funny people.

Stanley Newman's Literary Crosswords: The Play's the Thing
Stanley Newman : Random House, February 2005 : Paperback

The second volume of original, literary-themed crosswords by Stanley Newman.

Stanley Newman's Ultimate Trivia Crosswords, Volume 1
Stanley Newman : Random House, September 2003 : Paperback

Star Trek Crosswords Book 1
John M. Samson (Editor) : Star Trek, July 2003 : Spiral-bound

If you know what Labarre, France, and Bloomington, Indiana, have in common, this is the book for you!
Here for the very first time are fifty never-before-published puzzles devoted entirely to Star Trek®. Edited by top puzzle master John M. Samson, these crossword puzzles will challenge your knowledge of the everyday and the obscure related to every Star Trek series and movie. Grab a cup of raktajino and solve them all.

Star Trek Crosswords Book 2
John M. Samson (Editor) : Star Trek, December 2003 : Spiral-bound

Star Trek Crosswords Book 3
John M. Samson (Editor) : Star Trek, April 2004 : Spiral-bound

Star Trek Crosswords Book 4
John M. Samson (Editor) : Star Trek, October 2004 : Spiral-bound

Super 30-Minute Crosswords
Harvey Estes, Bob Klahn, Fred Piscop, Mel Rosen : Sterling, August 2003 : Spiral edition

Set your watch to 30 minutes, because that's how long you have to finish each of these 72 fiendish, timed crosswords. They're created by some of the members of CrosSynergy, a syndicate of a dozen top puzzlemakers. None of their puzzles see the light of day until it has gone through a brainstorming and peer review process; along the way, reviewers weed out obscure or unsuitable words, and if anyone feels that a clue is unclear it's eliminated. That's why the final product is so much fun, so well constructed, and so delightfully challenging to tackle.

Top-Flight Crosswords
Emily Cox, Henry Rathvon : Sterling, March 2005 : Paperback

What makes these puzzles top-flight? They're created by some of the best crossword makers today - people who work for journals such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Atlantic Monthly. And all of these puzzles have appeared in Attaché, U.S. Airways' in-flight magazine. They're challenging, but not brainbusters, and witty enough to tickle a puzzler's grey matter.

Twisted Crosswords
Henry Hook : Sterling, November 2003 : Spiral-bound

These clever word games will really make your brain work overtime to come up with the solutions. Each one has a little twist, something unusual to keep crossword and other puzzle lovers on their toes. Around and Abouts will get heads spinning and searching for the letters that fit in a circular grid; "around" answers go counterclockwise, while the "about" clues overlap them in a clockwise fashion. Work it out from Tops to Bottoms, where two letters fit into every square; Crushword also crunches several letters - sometimes more than four - into each grid. Answers to Weavers clues form a continuous chain, with the first letter fitting into a central starred space; the next four go into adjoining numbered spots. The rest shuttle back and forth across and around the diagram. Plus: Quadrants, Crazy Eights, Catching Some Z's, Siamese Twins, Honeycombs, and other great puzzlers!

Universal Crosswords: Volume 1
Timothy Parker (ed) : Andrews McMeel Publishing, October 2002 : Paperback

Universal Crosswords: Volume 2
Timothy Parker (ed) : Andrews McMeel Publishing, October 2003 : Paperback

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