Cryptic Crossword #1


1Ensign aboard vessel? (6)
4Split stick (6)
9Wife to the German, father to the French (4)
10Hand bribes out in prison (6,4)
11Copper on trial is most shrewd (6)
12Groovy trip, but shaking marred it (4,4)
13Poor man's right to make powerless (9)
15Steady tree on top of mountain (4)
16The way out of complexity? (4)
17This is truncated, or the end's off (9)
21Unpaid worker providing complete discretion? (4,4)
22Fancy change including silver (6)
24Play area and instruments for novices? (10)
25Remaining on top (4)
26Demure fashions start trend (6)
27That is about fifty - most unused (6)

1Recipe including bull's heart is first class (7)
2A quaintly pleasing accent (5)
3Gold tooth, perhaps, in satellite? (7)
5A carriage from Queensland, Australia (6)
6Fruit taken in in inn (9)
7This would make me a lord (7)
8Guess what the benighted marksman did? (4,2,3,4)
14Piece of pottery containing drink to make beast tender (9)
16A murder suspect, one hears? (7)
18With diverse amendments? (7)
19Make money and set out to be serious (7)
20A girl he entertained produces whips (6)
23A garden ornament makes men go mad (5)

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