CrypticCrossword #2


1False conclusion in sleep, darling (6)
4Look for a very quiet audience (6)
9Free and easy start for journey (4)
10Muscular pain - curing ham cures it (10)
11Divers getting star out of water? (6)
12A poem by Keats done in my style (8)
13Confined bear without a trade (9)
15Animals celebrated going west (4)
16The origin of finger marks (4)
17Nice work - point out the beginning (9)
21Reverse of altered prediction (8)
22Vessel providing plenty of money (6)
24Where eggs are hatched in island hills (10)
25You are not finished in time (4)
26Wan friend taking cover (6)
27Quote a dead Italian leader (6)

1A letter from Greece - about a sort of April flower (7)
2Adore inconstant nymph (5)
3Before much time has elapsed a nobleman takes that over there (5,2)
5Hair dressing manufactured by the Post Office (6)
6Perhaps men sit and eat in a cafe (9)
7Judges playing conkers? (7)
8Travel - pioneering art form (13)
14Everlasting variety for Peter and Paul (9)
16Adult party to entertain disheartened women (5-2)
18Sex and dope are wrong, it's revealed (7)
19Too old for love - a woman, for example, rejected (7)
20I'm unfortunately upset by sausage (6)
23Turning up to follow bashful rodent (5)

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