Cryptic Crossword #3


1Small boat from County Clare, possibly (7)
5Beg like this - it's lawful (7)
9A country, one said, in trouble (9)
10One who heals despicable person on TV hospital program (5)
11A stamp used initially for a farewell (5)
12Standard cart coming back with jam (9)
13Expressed willingness to be away before start of day (7)
15Mean and crafty about being slender and graceful (7)
17Free traders had leading parts (7)
19One watching over entrance returns identifying label (7)
21The foreign policeman dropped me before the end of "Absolutely Fabulous" (9)
23Demonstrated the way in which to keep poles apart (5)
25Imported food injected with nitrogen (5)
26Broadcast share in genuine show trial (9)
27No saint takes strong drink as a remedy (7)
28Heads appearing strange in distorting lens (7)

1Smart attempt to encircle a city (7)
2Leaders of Rome attended debate in Italy: more than one spoke (5)
3Victor Norman William (9)
4Not all colleges say education is attempted (7)
5Box put on line for bird (7)
6Smoked salmon for the auditor with hair (5)
7Heart-shaped ribbed cloth I order (9)
8Country refuge for prison's last under-jailer (7)
14Hybrid language or slang with fair translation (9)
16Fabulous setting for Biblical character: American state (9)
17King of the sun and new moon (7)
18Help to lift weight - this might show how (7)
19A monster making some angry phone- calls (7)
20Puzzle with no more significance abroad (7)
22Inert form of saltpeter (5)
24Headless rodent left by bird (5)

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