Cryptic Crossword #4


8Street encircling an ancient capital (8)
9Ass - horse in overcoat? (6)
10What disfigures a government agent retreating before Bond (10)
11Passion in fashion (4)
12Dapper tree (6)
14Excavator's plate (8)
15Ruddy rare steak, say? (7)
17Show attendant a part of the bible (7)
20Estimate the worth of a piano player's first pay increase (8)
22The unending contest for northern Greece (6)
24Wear diamonds, perhaps (4)
25A composer from alien parts ... (10)
27... the composer we rang about (6)
28Complaint about quiet little beast (8)

1Reconcile the constitution (4-2)
2Mount before mount (4)
3Nameless odd characteristic of men (8)
4Want verse included in poetry translation (7)
5Sally rejoins Tories (6)
6Parisian church built on racecourse? (5,5)
7Concur in swan's colour (3-5)
13Get below bear (10)
16Betrothal - giving up as sole characters (8)
18Antisera made ill sort of well (8)
19The portrayal of things as they are in Mailer's novel (7)
21Not wholly like an actor? (2,4)
23Preserve that gorge (6)
26Brook river badly presented (4)

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