Cryptic Crossword #5


1Christi(e)an name (6)
4Walks in a leisurely fashion and risks losing head (6)
9Stream or river in Italy by ancient city (4)
10Easy host or troublesome prognosticator (10)
11A letter and its successors from an Indian leader (6)
12Trampling on garden, it gets damaged (8)
13Bird accompanying gangster or outlaw (5,4)
15Dutch cheese made round (4)
16In Swan Lake Tchaikovsky used design (4)
17Building for owl and treble changes? (4,5)
21An abundance of punishments (8)
22Pigpen was first to be so called (6)
24Vehicle played a part for self- taught person (10)
25Loose cloak or carbon copy (4)
26Flag for junior officer (6)
27Platforms for speakers or star turns (6)

1Devastation when head is cut off before a party - it may be eaten as first course (7)
2Biting piece of chocolate with dry exterior (5)
3Hot burnt residue is on hot pot (7)
5A composer from Harlem (6)
6Welsh resort - and no dull resort (9)
7I left terminus, breaking a bone (7)
8Varies order in command? That's debatable (13)
14Old Peruvian laughs if leagued (2,7)
16Hesitation before a certain deletion (7)
18Lion devouring poor shot in part of Africa (7)
19Bad example or examples (7)
20Noise constrained by English final (6)
23Cathy's new boat (5)

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