Cryptic Crossword #6


8Pony carrying me carrying one pepper (8)
9Upstart sun god has overthrown sun god (6)
10This is neat; that is disarrayed - figure of speech therein displayed (10)
11Stand and wait (4)
12Previous or present shepherd (6)
14On wings of song? (8)
15Checks for means of keeping insects out (7)
17Dozens of sprites seen on Tuesday and Wednesday initially (7)
20Contrary rate of payment for a poet? (8)
22An idly translated language of an ancient people (6)
24Examination in center of immorality (4)
25South American zeal, uneven after revolution (10)
27An American writer has to manage that over there (6)
28One German saint, one German theorist (8)

1Pigment that may make you insane (6)
2New Zealander seen in a khaki windcheater (4)
3No hunter could possibly be pursued (2,3,3)
4Lassie from Sirius? (3,4)
5Cavalryman, American, in reckless uprising (6)
6Deceived by tall grass, the last was first (10)
7Ice cream taken round North Carolina - a ceremony performed by Plains Indians (3,5)
13It looks ill (3,4,3)
16Go away and get hit round the ear (5,3)
18Dancing Disney has zest (8)
19Wander idly from home and err (7)
21Birds talk wildly to Poles (6)
23Fungus spoilt a cigar (6)
26Chuck, without aspiration, gets warm (4)

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