Cryptic Crossword #7


1American capital invested in pipes or old coins (6)
4Professionals have it on toast (6)
9Some seafront hairstyle (4)
10No straight road up - revert to the status quo (10)
11Bracket for candles fixed to wall or head (6)
12Colin has false name (8)
13Taking the future into consideration, Chaney acquires farmstead (4-5)
15Old coin, one held by Indian nabobs (4)
16Remaining, having gone away (4)
17Instrument for beater caught with liquor (5,4)
21An intellectual elated by Byron's first line (8)
22To disappear in a vehicle is hard (6)
24Fabric for one who observes dupe (10)
25Game backlash (4)
26Prompt agent bridges Scottish river flowing the wrong way (6)
27Eve's first refuge outside paradise (6)

1Actually, 17th century author's unfinished play is included (2,5)
2Emblem of sovereignty that was a quarter-pounder? (5)
3Piece of mosaic a Greek god put up (7)
5Old decorative style, or revival by Chanel? (6)
6Added twist used in job (9)
7Musical work for double act with nothing new (7)
8European sage knew a novel novel (9,4)
14An oral examination is not advised if one has this sort of foresight (4,5)
16Tories put out after Liberal leader hangs around (7)
18Daydream about one American patriot (7)
19Spoil sport in a French letter (7)
20Powdered earth (6)
23Some native general back in the desert (5)

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