Cryptic Crossword #8


8Running battle? (8)
9Strange noises in Greek union (6)
10A medical test for Dracula? (5,5)
11Nothing more than a distress signal, neither good nor bad (2-2)
12Heads of television and radio in sort of news broadcast (6)
14Huge depletion in fuel supplies (8)
15Someone else embraced by Deianeira, not Heracles (7)
17Date for Roman candles to be ordered (7)
20Butterfly watcher's headgear? (5,3)
22Listen to a tiptop nurse (6)
24Miss Fitzgerald with one note turned everyone on (4)
25Mashed potato's the stuff for dental hygiene (10)
27Church leader, you found, is a sailor-man (6)
28Running battle? (4,4)

1Role a bad actor is permitted? (6)
2A little means such a lot as an indication of holiness (4)
3No chance to dance old dance (8)
4Have no uncertainty - speak out (7)
5A little illness preceded by fast pulse (6)
6Free from self-contradiction - what's inside is outside and centre of outside is inside (10)
7Emergency treatment making tree steady? (5,3)
13Exit. Depart, Ruined. Totally destroyed. (10)
16Emperor turning pale? No, no! (8)
18Accursed thing in Montana. The Mafia? (8)
19Turk's seat (7)
21Hired guns with explosive in them (3,3)
23Mark's warning (6)
26Expert holding right amount of land (4)

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