Cryptic Crossword #9


1Religious teacher beginning to train animal (6)
5Socialist ideal - the end of private property (8)
9More of us play in a quartet (8)
10Quail for a psychiatrist (6)
11Greek leg-end of Greek legend? (8,4)
13Implement for starting, taking off or landing (4)
14Delivered ten cents in settlement (8)
17Brigands and musicians have it both ways (8)
18Russian city satisfactorily importing manuscript (4)
20Birds nearly stealing nuts (12)
23Snatch a little sleep - but a child comes first (6)
24Unbelievers present at robberies (8)
25Assess the condition I'm in (8)
26Reparation for a thousand deaths (6)

2A plant some buffalo eat (4)
3Encrusted with crustaceans, with salt stripped out? (9)
4Prize taken from astrophysicist (6)
5Female star given a form of immortality (11,4)
6Rocky has a French sweetheart (8)
7Principal on top of leafy tree (5)
8Affectionate feeling shown by nurses cradling birds (10)
12I oscillate when changing places (10)
15Nonsense still produced illegally (9)
16A hot pie I cooked in Africa (8)
19Name of woman writing articles on Gore? (6)
21Deer with one tongue (5)
22Poker boss (4)

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