Cryptic Crossword #10


1A magician's bird (6)
4Cards passed round (6)
9Cancel a French swindle (4)
10The aloofness of a body of troops (10)
11Prepare a lawyer for battle in fleet (6)
12Friendly letters in e-mail: A, B, C (8)
13Bird dog devouring bad lad (4,5)
15Fail to see a single female (4)
16Skilful Latin in Lincoln (4)
17Woman losing head after another fall (9)
21/25Dallas diva or alien artist (8,4)
22Fall reversed in American mutual funds (6)
24Agree to write (10)
25See 21
26Close friend in good part (6)
27Running in a derby, sounded like an ass (6)

1Pitman's state goddess (7)
2Spanish wine from a city in Brazil getting German approval (5)
3State goddess gets in first (7)
5Outdoor event for people in caps, not including crowned heads (6)
6Curse the mother country? (9)
7Records that could be hits (7)
8Rolling wave rolls into Rolling Stones song (3,3,4,3)
14In the act an organ is brought forth (9)
16Fashionable journalist coming back after battle (1,2,4)
18Hero-worshipper dancing reel and jig (7)
19Mortified humans - fifty per cent felt great pity (7)
20Inventor upsetting no faction (6)
23Roosevelt's undergarment? (5)

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