Cryptic Crossword #11


8Red pines cultivated in Sri Lanka once (8)
9Boat on a lake with no key inside (6)
10English county race-horse (10)
11A Roman emperor, in a manner of speaking (4)
12A horse led astray from the water? (6)
14A redoubt may be stubborn (8)
15Unknown little princess turning food with tongue (7)
17Charged a couple of hundred, getting exploited (7)
20One who can't remember me, as I can recollect (8)
22Knotty loop encircling doomed head (6)
24Twist copper on two sides (4)
25Craft that facilitates social intercourse (3-7)
27A letter, we hear, for a small person (6)
28Get away without publicity in a reckless adventure (8)

1Set out with number of commamdments or principles (6)
2Slav embraced by Kaiser Bill (4)
3To get back part of melody sirens sang initially, use knots a Greek hero deployed (8)
4Poles in trouble with character from Greece (7)
5Part of a gendarme - the last part (3,3)
6What Turner is doing to be interred? (5,5)
7An artist showing determination when embraced by spouse (8)
13Society for which normal women are doubly disqualified? (3,7)
16Feet providing transport after one in the morning (8)
18Formal agreement with shrink (8)
19Plots get Cuban revolutionary leader in a terrible mess (7)
21I'm about to wait in the same place (6)
23Rocky stayed firm (6)
26Snakes alive showing purple spotted heads (4)

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