Cryptic Crossword #12


1Extreme dyspepsia provides its own cure (6)
4I am cut badly in Roman battle (6)
9A ruler leaders of the soviets assassinated revoltingly (4)
10Animal turned and turned without justification (10)
11Trashy work from Christopher's church (6)
12I acted in poor show (8)
13Maid Marian - half American (9)
15News at home of revolution (4)
16Very little time in year (4)
17Acknowledging access (9)
21Attractive girl with Luna tic? (8)
22Animal from France coming to earth back in France (6)
24Swirling in and out in flood (10)
25Hurdles, we hear, crossed by the dead (4)
26Wanderers? Satyrs wander! (6)
27Cross some lengthy bridge (6)

1Italian composer making endless noise, sir (7)
2Notes spent in Germany (5)
3Hun paid out for French prince (7)
5Large groups of birds around Land's End (6)
6Simpletons at home with no money (9)
7Eminent performer in some art form (7)
8Double profit repeatedly (5,3,5)
14Smuggler participating in arms race? (9)
16New Testament stories about gifts (7)
18Imaginary childhood? (7)
19Odysseus' first requirement - to catch you like Polyphemus? (3-4)
20Greek letter, somewhat indecent, causing deep offence (6)
23Part of stair is erect (5)

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