Cryptic Crossword #13


8A party leader has little desire for food (8)
9Some foreign items set on fire (6)
10Prepare old fellow for battle - the last one (10)
11Italian river in the far north (4)
12One girl has a quarrel with another - one war is lost but several are won (6)
14Name a crisis precipitated by flowers (8)
15Hesper's fresh fields (7)
17Song about death for lover of Theseus (7)
20Cautious listeners in time of strife (3,5)
22Wandering light following a saint (6)
24State of play without a hero (4)
25Go out ot see girl by river (5,5)
27Friends have no right to be devils (6)
28Approval for a coercive measure (8)

1Good centre to find wine in? (6)
2Stake seen by a character from Greece (4)
3Learner initially has to repeat to become learned (8)
4Piano finale not determined (7)
5Some designers ignored Italian style (6)
6Resident in a tin bath, perhaps (10)
7Tolerate wrong acts as a substitute (6,2)
13One very thin garment reveals all (10)
16Insect found in straight banana (8)
18Preparing for the marriage of Enid and Gary? (8)
19To reduce consumption is no good (7)
21A beast of burden is the first to help (6)
23Gold god gives writer (6)
26German king unaffected by revolution (4)

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