Cryptic Crossword #14


1Pal teased about crazy snack food (6,7)
8Praise twofold return (4)
9Youngster sticking hand out in upward motion (10)
10Is Norse tale about a tennis star? (6)
11Turned tail and fled, being doomed (3-5)
12Green coat for Italian composer and Spanish painter (9)
14Being intransigent and shaking heads, demonstrating partiality (4)
15Grain ground for dinner, say (4)
16Bird and man going different ways (9)
20No hunter could possibly be pursued (2,3,3)
21Troubles seem to start with tender touch (6)
23Encountered a sailor, and another lacking T bone (10)
24Fluent, being liberal at heart (4)
25Runner or dramatist in play (13)

1On second thoughts, rising fish glitter (7)
2Many sound prospects for prospectors (5)
3It's exciting, for example, holding a tongue (7)
4Banners waving in British position (15)
5Ancient key set in a precious metal (3-3)
6Not stopping to announce a single part (9)
7A child toils to produce poems (7)
13Prig had ma conceal midriff (9)
15African president to supply workforce with New Deal? (7)
17Coral Sea, perhaps, without a fish (7)
18Nits are possibly more unpleasant (7)
19Sort of inroad made by decree (6)
22True side (5)

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