Cryptic Crossword #15


1Like Hamlet and his rotten state (6)
4Spoil witticism for animal (6)
9Musical locks (4)
10Yearn to associate with poet (10)
11Father comes back with fruit. Look! (6)
12Sinner in disguise or veiled (8)
13Coats need woven yarns (9)
15Forbidden meat a butcher provides (4)
16Wild cat with sound connections (4)
17Came back on a diet anew and wasted away (9)
21Poet composing sonnet about New York (8)
22Give up work and go to bed (6)
24Dance in West Virginia (10)
25Reverberation in the choir (4)
26Comparison I show amusement about (6)
27Menace of mad hatter (6)

1Betraying no emotion when Greek god has first expired (7)
2Tender translator of runes (5)
3An Italian port - New Orleans (7)
5Well-acquainted with gold if at exchange (2,4)
6Play with exaggerated emotions made moral play (9)
7He wrote about life in the woods. You read mostly inside (7)
8Dine out and stop being vague (13)
14Study a French instrument - it's a puzzle (9)
16Shelter Dracula's heart - he's representing blood-suckers (7)
18Greek city - in the Adriatic or in Thessaly (7)
19To hear's possible in this (7)
20A dandy too (2,4)
23Not here? No, no! (5)

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