Cryptic Crossword #16


1Grasp a number of eggs (6)
5People making a noise when taking stock? (8)
9Crazy Latvian capital, Latvian capital in song (8)
10Paths of planets or particles (6)
11A dramatist from Athens is a pro (12)
13Seen in Benares, a richly- decorated garment (4)
14Wanderer in Virginia and Georgia joining Union (8)
17Perhaps he's a kind of distressed young person? (8)
18This month in Westminster (4)
20Private - bold one having the French retreating (12)
23Cite, as an example of the modern era, Mussolini (6)
24Find out about uncommon radiation (5-3)
25Soldiers putting child on railway (8)
26Sums for children, including a little algebra (6)

2Metal in first place (4)
3Mild expletive for a sea-faring people? (9)
4Scottish food provided by witches entertaining an American soldier (6)
5Why blood is thicker than water? (8,7)
6Prevent young attendant causing obstruction (8)
7I got by in Los Angeles or a North African state (5)
8Stern notes about corruption (10)
12Novelist with device for raising capital (4,6)
15Very clever fish ain't at sea (9)
16Poor diet seen to be most poor (8)
19A square peg from central Germany is in good condition (6)
21Minor Roman deity with a list of the animals of a region (5)
22Trade in softwood (4)

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