Cryptic Crossword #17


8Money provided by family for soft leather (8)
9Entertained in the morning, then exploited (6)
10Adjustment in a top data base? (10)
11Some loathsome swearword (4)
12A clue like this about Japanese religion (6)
14Torn net I depend on completely (8)
15Unfathomable letters from Lamb, say (7)
17It's news broadcast for a seer (7)
20Nominate a biblical character for a dishonest scheme that's prearranged (3-2,3)
22Trade is without high standards (6)
24Prepare to publish current returns (4)
25Consider an imaginary animal (4,2,4)
27Bird with bellyache (6)
28Leave message out - almost (3,5)

1In which women are secluded, hard up, distressed (6)
2Pass over little captain (4)
3Musical state (8)
4One who does not believe in Castro (7)
5Greek capital framed by artist - an attractive thing (6)
6Too far away from the mountains? (3,2,5)
7Stormy petrels, I found. are cold- blooded creatures (8)
13Must I turn a blunder into a bloomer? (10)
16Border seen by going around, around, around (8)
18Start with what I did in the restaurant? (8)
19Gets in boats at sea (7)
21Poker? Utter nonsense! (6)
23Holding up an instrument that is crescent-shaped (6)
26Manhandle hammer (4)

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