Cryptic Crossword #18


1Virginia backing young female subordinate (6)
5Principal support could possibly restrain depraved saint (8)
9Legendary creature's child carrying letter from Greece (8)
10Blockheads have third-rate hunches (6)
11Champions of the aristocracy? (5-7)
13How runaway is brought to a stop? (4)
14Scoring about 100 - 0 (8)
17Film script in coarse form? (8)
18Little brook or little river, not well (4)
20Shakespearean drama festival (7,5)
23White herons, for example, having a rest break (6)
24Fellow-player - tame, wild, tame, wild (8)
25Impure 26 he reformed (8)
26Italian time American is able to be read (6)

2Drug discovered about 101 AD (4)
3Town's rail transport, not express? (9)
4Slowly going round a shed (4-2)
5Queen forced to meet irate nation? (5,10)
6A nice hot stew that's unfinished (8)
7Reliable noise (5)
8Put to use without a tear, it seems (10)
12Cowboy feeder making Charles go pale outside (5,5)
15Difficult newspaper or novel (4,5)
16Demonstrations in support of experiments (8)
19Dismayed - but helping to make Branagh a star (6)
21Old physician in sheltered church (5)
22Colonist with energy climbing a volcano (4)

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