Cryptic Crossword #19


8Inclination to write song (8)
9Spurious article required by medicine man (6)
10Fastidious individual (10)
11The current season (4)
12In hiding and hiding Indian leader (6)
14Attacked animal was sick (8)
15Diverting a dupe with wrong input (7)
17Freedom of action in desert (7)
20Surprised when beginning was first? (8)
22Extremely unconventional exit (3,3)
24The language of Monsieur Dumas? (4)
25Selfish lover giving flowers to saint (10)
27Laundress, perhaps, used to be female (6)
28Supports marks after American revolution (8)

1State limits of New Hampshire, Virginia and Dakota (6)
2Caledonian tax (4)
3Support for coercive measure (8)
4Language - one with a Latin derivation (7)
5Egyptian god lost heart with Greek goddess (6)
6Lady in west out to get a film producer (4,6)
7Sea-dog in abandoned American naval base (3,5)
13Distressed Diana's informed about Charles's heart (10)
16Stuff that is relevant (8)
18Most ribald - as bed wit, perhaps (8)
19Name successor in speech? (7)
21Ron and Les mix, being people who don't mix (6)
23Like bears and lemurs in every part (6)
26Marine mammal left under the ocean (4)

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