Cryptic Crossword #20


1Riches obtained by breaking the law (6)
4Fraud by heartless punks or rascals (6)
9Long time no see (we hear) in prisons (4)
10German money a Pole takes to New York general in Rome (4,6)
11Coating with female and males names (6)
12State - a right state (8)
13Ban professional writer (9)
15Witnesses going back and forth (4)
16Back-seat model displayed grief (4)
17Training some smart little monkeys (9)
21Carnival overture, stimulation for festivity (8)
22Buddhist priests, we hear, domesticated guanacos (6)
24Bird changing tack - grouse (10)
25Small and frequently gentle (4)
26Discourse attempting improvement or men's conversion? (6)
27My wand almost displaying magical powers (6)

1Driver who's disappeared in conflict (7)
2A revolutionary New England state or an Indian state (5)
3Glass part of lock (7)
5Eccentrics could start rows (6)
6'True men' is false (9)
7Some slippers and also shoes (7)
8Canadian water ordered for regal tea-break (5,4,4)
14Someone in favour of wine in jolly good surroundings (9)
16Excitedly saw open arms (7)
18Bird seen in springtime? Nonsense! (7)
19Craft, if employed in trade (7)
20Does change include copper coin? (6)
23Something useful - like a matching collection? (5)

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