Cryptic Crossword #21


7Note strained by choirman (8)
9Are characters in colour? Look at them again! (2-4)
10Tree on mountain top that's not easily shaken (4)
11Loyalty, for example, in partnership (10)
12Hand tool for raw beginner wrapped in absorbent cloth (6)
14Suffering in love, is in a state (8)
15Rise as in throw, perhaps, showing fitness to fly (13)
17Keep page attached to book (8)
19One hears chief songs (6)
21Forgiveness for a second-rate answer (10)
22A fool providing information (4)
23Condition head of department expressed (6)
24Uses translation to hold writers in tense uncertainty (8)

1Luxury food item coming from America via Russia (6)
2I'm a leader of Muslims (4)
3Toiling with a new engraving process (8)
4Sparing father going to Portugal without wine (6)
5Tina Turner embraced by country relative (5-5)
6Martial yells rallying air crews? (3,5)
8Illness I catch performing exercises? (13)
13Poet who has added value to language (10)
15Tumblers steal into a musical (8)
16No employment for one on endless shift (8)
18Ammunition turns (6)
20Unmask former spouse with model (6)
22A legal document unaffected by revolution (4)

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