Cryptic Crossword #22


8Abraham Lincoln's capital construction - a citadel near Granada (8)
9Thin layer, round, neither vegetable nor mineral (6)
10Cotton sari crumpled in drawer (10)
11Find fault with fish (4)
12Farm building not likely to fall (6)
14Torment on top of lonesome pine (8)
15Yellow fowl (7)
17Sibling rivalry's beginning - worry about it (7)
20Old master taking road with lone ranger? (8)
22A sin tallied (6)
24Class of document to be filled in (4)
25Informal neckwear injured people (10)
27Making silent entrances (6)
28Recovers from play in Las Vegas (8)

1Flexible one in set (6)
2Tense used by the best authors (4)
3Out of date? Only to be modified externally (8)
4Between Virginia and Los Angeles nothing has flavour (7)
5Ecstasy never starts after quick fix (6)
6Maker of reductions? (10)
7Scales or variations in game (8)
13Spinal anaesthetic described in old publication? (4-6)
16Dances in show done badly (8)
18Legible order for bread and ale (8)
19Have sheriff's helpers joined Nazi police (7)
21Temporary withdrawal from niche (6)
23A number one's seen repeatedly? (6)
26Hidden danger in carriage (4)

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