Cryptic Crossword #23


8Entreaty certain to produce agreeable sensations (8)
9Some Scandinavians we descry (6)
10Bible story about fellow deserving forgiveness (10)
11Fools pass out (4)
12Not seen but heard in light fog? (6)
14Swift traveller (8)
15Gets bastion rebuilt (7)
17Mischievous child learning to beg (7)
20Two music-makers dance for sailors (8)
22Sleuth forced to earn money illicitly (6)
24Ravel's sandpiper (4)
25Wholly novel great hotel (10)
27Sunk at the end of round one (6)
28Red conspirator in Rome meets obstacle (8)

1Compound such as chalk a litmus test reveals (6)
2Settled in Pennsylvania and Idaho (4)
3Stimulated and knocked out in round ten (6,2)
4Grass present round container (7)
5Ace - groovy, too (2,4)
6French palace - one with bad poetry written about it (10)
7Again be seen to harvest fruit (8)
13Country excluding women showing lack of progress (10)
16Poet acquiring a tan (8)
18Many a greedy person devoured wood (8)
19Leaves permitted by cute cook (7)
21One sorcerer's idols (6)
23General method for making a margin? (6)
26Drink left for duck (4)

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