Cryptic Crossword #24


1Showy part of a cigar is hidden (6)
5Fool immersed in European river - one of those people who knead people? (8)
9Someone with a down-to-earth approach (3,5)
10Girl crossing road or river (6)
11Questions run about, they don't follow (3,9)
13Cards taken from case (4)
14One blend - mixture given title (8)
17Swell food (8)
18A song was false (4)
20End apt to be tight? (5-7)
23The capital of Sri Lanka. Rangoon? (6)
24Writer's mark? Kant is in error (8)
25Megalith Cromwell half destroyed, seen by Walesa (8)
26Bound to be flogged (6)

2Birds as seen around Britain? (4)
3Country encircling one's country (9)
4Poles possess top harbours (6)
5An actress? Direct her in male parts (15)
6Stays a day in France surrounded by children (8)
7A heron regrets losing its wings (5)
8Linger in seedy dump, being naively optimistic (6-4)
12Reliance on ship-shape ship? (5,5)
15Greenback entrances Microsoft boss (4,5)
16Combine solid exterior with smooth interior (8)
19Metal half of 22 (6)
21Mineral springs start to moderate involuntary muscular contraction (5)
22Coin circulating in the Midwest (4)

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