Cryptic Crossword #25


8Mentally disordered soldier with no identification (8)
9Fools playing the lead in "Friends"? (6)
10Kind of table and chair arrangement (10)
11Tied up, we went by road (5)
12Signal: "Go to jail"? (6)
14Writer of features, say, is taking part (8)
15Ordering a meal is causing uneasiness (7)
17Wine and cheese brought back by Gershwin? (7)
20What's stopping promotion? (8)
22Lure of apprenticeship (6)
24Note American name (4)
25Part of the harness said to be put back (10)
27After midnight many see phantoms (6)
28Very big kitten or mouse? Not entirely! (8)

1Laurel and Hardy start after quiet Scandinavian comes round (6)
2Couple sounding trim (4)
3Whatever is inside is satisfactory (8)
4In my greed I blessed food (7)
5Instruction to printers and company about compositions (6)
6Nudes, by Sat, ordering clothes for the day after (6,4)
7Pacific type? Look around the south-east (8)
13Constant spirit required in game (10)
16OK, there's nothing left (3,5)
18Dislike a variant (8)
19Fires possibly singe it (7)
21Influx of hydrogen after one runs out (6)
23Angel provided by Guevara's masseur? (6)
2610 giving Gore feminist address? (4)

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