Cryptic Crossword #26


1Ghosts in sunglasses (6)
5No dancer dances with artillery (8)
9Bones in the head all turned east (8)
10Quaker sympathizer (6)
11Made or unmade cat fur, possibly (12)
13One river circling a Nevada city (4)
14Judge the condition I'm in (8)
17Australian state capital of British Columbia (8)
18Country leaders in Los Angeles or Seattle (4)
20February 2nd in North America makes hungry dog do a turn (9,3)
23Adjust a melody we hear (6)
24A drug, like the Venus de Milo, is innocuous (8)
25A great admirer for whom I perform by and by? (8)
26Territory in which to commit matricide? (6)

2Heather loses her preliminary round (4)
3An exceptionally attractive person may be met aboard (9)
4Listen out for mute? (6)
5Eleven in succession? (3,5,7)
6Shortages caused by shaking dice with fist? (8)
7Farewell from union leader after getting something straight (5)
8Appease no-one upset in strife (10)
12Hideaway found by revolutionary soldier considered to be defamed (10)
15A language one may read about (9)
16Treading slippery slope (8)
19Are odd characters revered? (6)
21University in America with large stock (5)
22Italian wine tasting section (4)

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