Cryptic Crossword #27


8Beginning to invest some money in a little pig (8)
9Feels sorry for headless birds (6)
10Flora is dug out to identify tree (7,3)
11Eager to lament (4)
12A pastry's round layers (6)
14Stretcher provided by former nurse? (8)
15Actors were first to have moved on board (7)
17Circus performer in a European big top (7)
20Overcome, disappear without question (8)
22Children in middle of labyrinth, held by Cretan king (6)
24A goddess from another age (4)
25I am on a low-pitched gable causing an obstruction (10)
27Cheeses, we hear, in cooler (6)
28New tax on ice is extortion (8)

1Boat providing shelter (6)
2Call for a band (4)
3Brought round to conscious state (8)
4Suppressed and overturned, it's taken flight (7)
5Use art training to be an artist? (6)
6Brown bears fencing in Japan, having collapsed (6,4)
7Winding lanes around the isle of exile for an emperor (2,6)
13Out of date, quaint, old-fashioned (10)
16No pros, when transported, use a tram (8)
18Joker's trick taking in the press, TV, etc. (8)
19Air transport for the lumberjack? (7)
21I call myself up in the same place (6)
23Our novel about New York - and North American writer (6)
26May we hear an arachnid? (4)

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