Cryptic Crossword #28


8Show nuts in a tree-top (8)
9Bird of prey, a sort of parrot (6)
10Gay French oil producer comes out (10)
11Quote from a comic item (4)
12Weaving material for British fliers, initially flying in America (6)
14Fruit and nut salsa concoction (8)
15Very young cat I lost in an ancient city (7)
17Vain female tennis player in America? (7)
20Bird that's paid for hydrogen or nitrogen? (8)
22Like plants, they are worth having (6)
24Shot wound? (4)
25Brown and green is wrong for fruit (10)
27Air filter (6)
28Midwest journalists get Ohio coffee (8)

1City in Greece or region in South Africa (6)
2Examination of ends of torpedo after undersea overhaul (4)
3Musical about Roman statesman with each note detached (8)
4Virginia gets animal to depart quickly (7)
5Trial for free loader (6)
6They help people to see the sights (10)
7Graphically describes harbour lights? (8)
13Plane sailing or floating by at sea (6,4)
16Turncoat in a river in Italy, say (8)
18Reorganizations for puss perplexed about fish (5-3)
19Empty pail beneath sack (7)
21Engrossed at the circus, perhaps? (6)
23In fact he is truly a believer (6)
26American composer following miss for letters (4)

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