Cryptic Crossword #29


8God, entertained by prayer, provides superabundance (8)
9Capital articles by bridge partners (6)
10Drinks all round - let's jump in ! (4,6)
11Defraud man on board (4)
12Hatter, mad menace (6)
14Need break after quick bound (8)
15Word of opposition from a friend of Caesar, J? (7)
17Say again "Others had food" (7)
20Short day with bird or mammal (8)
22Some real and authentic component of a carriage (6)
24Bird talk (4)
25Loyalty, for example, in partnership (10)
27Made great efforts to sway voters (7)
28State capital where timid girl gets a hearing (8)

1Without one tinge of red or with a tinge of azure (6)
2Let it stand for hat child lost (4)
3Vigorously, deviously or subtly (8)
4Mimic has to leave the ground (4,3)
5Part of foot revealed by sailors of America (6)
6Prince not turning up for dance (10)
7Simpleton at home with no money (8)
13Stretch a leg? Not I. No. It's not right (10)
16They open out for a novice (8)
18Cryptic clue goes in pastoral poetry (8)
19We would embrace tightly in marriage (7)
21Approved sound tree support (6)
23Stress, in a manner of speaking (6)
26God of war espied (4)

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