Cryptic Crossword #30


1Delay in hiding, so we hear (4-2)
5Identical high card revealed in swindle (4,4)
9Maudlin sentimentality with scope to spread rapidly (8)
10Got to know a Shakespeare play and the New Testament (6)
11A little night music making one sad? (12)
13Mount back in Sicilian territory (4)
14Ear-shaped Maori fur wrap (8)
17Battle arranged later in court (8)
18Hasty eruption (4)
20Stopped making deductions in error (12)
23Fool is first person in place of St Francis (6)
24Rows about stray dogs (8)
25Funeral pile seen back in the mountains (8)
26A playwright's right to be a playwright (6)

2Extra payment does not start producing responsibility (4)
3Dry out. Heated? Dry out (9)
4Novelist inducing stupor? (6)
5Rolling stones and moss again appear in Milton's work (6,9)
6Your ills may be imaginary (8)
7A girl in distress, sought by knights (5)
8Friedman, say, is art convert following painter (10)
12Musician or saint with ravens, half airborne (10)
15Tool placed under sack as a safety precaution (4,5)
16King left on embankment in gold rush area (8)
19Refuge for donkey - rainbow's end (6)
21Part of speech idealists rebuke (5)
22A great lake - before one plunged in (4)

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