Cryptic Crossword #31


1A motoring model in a South African hat (6)
5Unmatched lord? Not so! (8)
9One bringing news about drink ... (8)
10... bits from broadcasters about drink (6)
11Grip left in odd storage place (12)
13Rejoicing when Grant first met Confederate general? (4)
14Greek hero finding eel and shark at sea (8)
17Resident switching from can to cup (8)
18Religious women finding part of Washington unsatisfactory (4)
20Pole, peaceable and musical (5,7)
23Small settlement for Danish prince (6)
24Easy-going description of dial? (4-4)
25Not exactly wary, with open arms (8)
26Tricked Vietnamese leader gets discharged (6)

2Sign up Verne's captain (4)
3Bride's outfit - a sort of shirt by Jean-Jacques? (9)
4Grow weary again and hit the hay (6)
5Play the clarinet badly (sic) (15)
6Scales or fresh fish (8)
7Express joy in slaughter (5)
8Officers in naval vessel change directions (10)
12Voters choose to talk pompously (10)
15I bang rock, disturbing snake (4,5)
16Russian mystic as installed by Russian leader (8)
19Aloof - and piscine? (6)
21Flower, large one, set up outside (5)
22Pain reaches inner part (4)

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