Cryptic Crossword #32


1Finally producing a book of maps on time (2,4)
5Withdraw theoretical summary (8)
9Monk, very quiet, in strait order (8)
10Tailor rebuilding bridge in Venice (6)
11Hint in barley, wry, mazy (12)
13Capital invested in Lagos, London, etc. (4)
14Diligence demonstrated by essay on Asian river (8)
17Country Ms Farrow goes round, always removing Woody's head? (8)
18See six compass points (4)
20Retaliation's curious sort of logic (12)
23Grievance of simple Tory leader (6)
24In a theocracy there always is a deity (8)
25Added strength to an insect getting bored (6,2)
26Compositions giving reason for lack of fish? (6)

2Change act (4)
3Shock with exclamations while mounting horse (9)
4Truth is Beauty - extract dear to Pyramus (6)
5Small-scale production of The Tempest or Much Ado About Nothing? (1,5,2,1,6)
6Bats need ears for the night air (8)
7Come to Korea - Chinese part (5)
8Erica's neat twisty curves (10)
12Sandal making leader slip badly (10)
15Number observed with contest entry (9)
16Classified ads or set pieces (8)
19He wrote "I am turning left, not turning round" (6)
21Corpse apt to turn up in science fiction (5)
22Others take it easy (4)

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