Cryptic Crossword #37


1Itinerant having second thoughts about moon (6)
5Old officer in quarrel about disorderly past (8)
9Waste found in small sack (8)
10Peers squeal when excited (6)
11Far gone, ended, dissolved 20 (6,2,4)
13(with 18) Novel historian following one in 11 (4,4)
14Skipping over top - assigned task (8)
17Is Freud's code cracked? (8)
18See 13 (4)
20Poem about pastoral side of 11 (8,4)
23Note one's lowest limits (6)
24Sire with many a form in school for fathers? (8)
25Together - one with sister and one with child (2,6)
26A monkey weaving rushes (6)

2Indian part of Chopin's composition (4)
3Al's gamble on outcome of sports (4,5)
4Fate I found in flight? (6)
5Is that you, Eve? (3,6,6)
6Capital to repair damage (8)
7The color of a letter from Greece with purple edges (5)
8Lies in shade and fools around (10)
12Esteem for naval officer almost getting into trouble (10)
15Material wealth (9)
16A railhead competitors go after - they reach their destination (8)
19Past maker (6)
21Neil Armstrong, first to return from another world? (5)
22Sweet and sour duck's tongue (4)

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