Cryptic Crossword #41


1Fool and dog agree (6)
5Artillery command one ignored (8)
9Feminine name change for Caroline (8)
10Toast is comforting (6)
11Tonic in Spanish port classification (12)
13Extended journey or disorderly rout (4)
14Not consistently apt? Quite! (8)
17Broken beer mugs in sink (8)
18An Egyptian goddess with one little sister (4)
20Continuing result of touching drums etc. (12)
23Air filter? (6)
24Cut a caper - with confederate, in fact (8)
25Macabre dancing some urge (8)
26Note double note for old Japanese emperor (6)

2Instrument made of brass or ebony initially (4)
3Weight thrown around by tragic men (9)
4Again experience return of wicked TV hospital series (6)
5Fruitless condition in part of South Africa (6,4,5)
6Do create design for dress (8)
7Proficient in arithmetic, starting with short division (5)
8Sing a carol, playing an instrument (3,7)
12Austere lot is not right for an indolent type (5-5)
15Labour group with means of raising British flag (5,4)
16The 14th century or part of the most recent one (8)
19Microscopic alga taken from moat I'd constructed (6)
21Delete Times editorial first (5)
22First of fugitives was first to have escaped (4)

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