Cryptic Crossword #44


1Small child in steamship strikes (6)
5Republican found with butt of marijuana cigarette gets rebuke (8)
9Small citizen causing alarm about inadequate supply (8)
10Drills used on rails (6)
11Soldiers deployed in alien regions (12)
13Possibly a non-existent creature- however, one may be seen (4)
14Old music-maker providing mild cure (8)
17Agony on top of larch or pine (8)
18Plant's half-life - fifty years (4)
20Causing great pain and sorrow with rather odd conclusion (5-7)
23Fruit found in Dutch royal house (6)
24A vital link left one cat behind (8)
25Conclude with one or less (8)
26Non-professionals meanly treated (6)

2Spice provided by staff (4)
3Exciting object getting rent by stream (9)
4Mean to cause pain with your head? (6)
5American writer of hymnal and record producer (7,8)
6Obviously there's plenty at fault (8)
7Approve a constant beast (5)
8Fairy tale character recalled in play (10)
12One Cheddar cheesy shape? (10)
15Evil colleague, for example, breaking in contrary to law (9)
16British prime minister - country's first person after introduction of democracy (8)
19Los Angeles in Fullerton? That's only partly wrong! (6)
21An Indian princess fled east repeatedly (5)
22In concert on a single occasion (4)

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