Cryptic Crossword #46


1Spanish-speaking area of city (excepting a Portuguese-speaking city) (6)
5Mark is light? That doesn't tally (8)
9People going round, say, saying it isn't so (8)
10Beast beat in a retreat (6)
11Capital letters in RAT and PORCUPINE (4-2-6)
13An old Peruvian of a certain caste (4)
14Rocky has a French boyfriend? (8)
17Service area slaughter (8)
18They secure constant bridge partners (4)
20A little night music - old cat's noise, possibly- with a touch of the blues? (12)
23Refuse assent in the end (6)
24Truck a sign led astray (8)
25One of twelve calendar girls, with empty head, lowered in social status (8)
26Make a mistake and throw out drink (6)

2A little male Christian name (4)
3After harvest fruit is seen again (9)
4Rose is to wind in the willows (6)
5Dog of old opium-eater in novel (9,6)
6Irritable exclamation of disgust after a card game (8)
7Arranging bail, one has a legal defense (5)
8Cyclone had rolled stone (10)
12Never satisfied wearing fur, holding it round one (10)
15Unnecessary oath from ex-president I've allowed in (9)
16Poisonous plants making a section sick (8)
19Central American Indians might answer briefly (6)
21Wicker basket a North American Indian left (5)
22Jelly served in a tea garden (4)

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