Cryptic Crossword #47


1Ms Farrow's written about Allen's extremes and obsessional enthusiasms (6)
5Confine others to Rhode Island and Connecticut (8)
9Sound made when taking stock of others? (8)
10Be dejected by crooner's gradual decline (6)
11Trashy curios tire me out (12)
13Prepare to publish current returns (4)
14Joint action in wood worm turning (8)
17Explain how to make prisoners honest (8)
18Pole held by one Scots queen (4)
20Danish legend translated without assistance (6-6)
23Petty officer taking it in the French style (6)
24Keep crossing river in Siberia to get back (8)
25TV doctor, interrupting nuts, broadcast falsehoods (8)
26Drunken horse that's swallowed a bit of whisky (6)

2Come up against an objection (4)
3Hints from close friends (9)
4Winter sport enthusiasts taking part in riskier sport (6)
5Author gets users to order book (6,9)
6A dramatist left out terribly hard lines (8)
7Updike hero taking time off to see teacher (5)
8Agree payment for acting together (10)
12Reproof for announcement connected with proposal about Northern Ireland (10)
15One fowl and yet two foul (9)
16Minimal French cheese celebration? (8)
19It's hateful with no honey sounding sweet (6)
21Swamp creature resting tail on a rocky outcrop (5)
22Deputy's depravity (in civic establishment) (4)

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