Cryptic Crossword #49


1Sailor held back by soldiers is free (6)
5Tree in which marmoset is seen by 500 (8)
9Bet on others giving support (8)
10Some taking over nations to impose regulations (6)
11Laudable prayer, to wish for reincarnation (12)
13A piece of furniture unfinished until now (4)
14Bill has reserve computer (8)
17Father improved, for example, inside (8)
18Article on etiquette's beginning to make you old-fashioned (4)
20Chief assistant is no southpaw (5-4,3)
23Anchor designed for Greek ferryman (6)
24Grain entertaining British intellectual (8)
25Objects for trials (8)
26A run-down area in which youth- leader's found refuge (6)

2Genuine old Spanish coin (4)
3Happen to capture position (4,5)
4Notice saying "Playground Equipment" (6)
5False sounds ruin Attic drama (5,10)
6Power unit in Maine, Georgia and Washington doubled temperature (8)
7Pet name for pirate ship (5)
8No other ark made land (5,5)
12A sort of look designed to cheer him? (4-6)
15It's on the coast of Australia - a tree discovered by science (6,3)
16Pictures of topless things and other things on top (8)
19Screen debut by Miss Loy in old Turkish city (6)
21Wooded hillock forming part of Arthur's territory (5)
22Graduate beginning to know university in an Asian capital (4)

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