Cryptic Crossword #50


1Synopsis that's not quite accurate (6)
5Peerless production in a 1996 movie (8)
9French painter or American clad in pink and gold (8)
10See about taking cover in flight (6)
11Touching drums etc. produces continuing effect (12)
13Tax for highlander, perhaps (4)
14Very large bird without a head or very small animal without a tail (8)
17Home's din provides material for songwriter (8)
18A German song was not true (4)
20Like a marathon competitor ultimately (2,3,4,3)
23Jellyfish concealed in sea mud (6)
24Midwest journalists love coffee (8)
25Single us out for unfair appearance? (8)
26Here and there in Pennsylvania and around Mississippi (6)

2Redevelopment in old town starts civil disorder (4)
3Actors judged as eunuchs (9)
4Phrase translated by Himalayan guide (6)
5Risk solemn query about primates (8,7)
6Former spouse playing cute or one who works with a will (8)
7Robin Goodfellow's ice hockey requisites (5)
8Professional, contracted out, had children (10)
12One composer has chosen work by another (10)
15Mother loiters and pretends to be ill (9)
16Swiss legend revealing secrets? (8)
19Support for young animal (4,2)
21Call on Geller or a seductively beautiful woman (5)
22It's a revolutionary Italian wine (4)

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