Cryptic Crossword #51


1More work? That's a visionary scheme (6)
5For Cyril it's composition - others note his words (8)
9It proves playing is playful (8)
10Place that sounds right for slimmers (6)
11Author - one using Postes Francaises (6,6)
13Doubled note for girl in a Puccini opera (4)
14Six die being malicious (8)
17The crime of building in Yemen's capital (8)
18What's wrong with a meltdown? (4)
20Miss foreign cheese brought back with wine I imported (12)
23Latin name for rockrose some classicist uses (6)
24Prince ordering duck and hare (8)
25Normal colors (8)
26Maps taken out on an Asian boat (6)

2The very best spinners (4)
3Everlasting ringing of changes, outside inside, upside down (9)
4One is content for a change with a place that's strictly for the birds (6)
5In Dallas, however, ye discover an assassin (3,6,6)
6Something fishy discovered by cleaner in expensive car (8)
7Certain plants contributing to hectic activity (5)
8The Lone Ranger's horse getting Best Actor award (6,4)
12Philip Glass, for example, producing a half-note, tails off (10)
15Cad mad about Dutch port (9)
16Part of the Indian Ocean - parts are moist (5,3)
19One bridge player doesn't have trousers (6)
21Englishman opening a can to dine at home (3,2)
22A bird raised birds (4)

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