Cryptic Crossword #52


1Talk about endless field event (6)
5Polynesian artist holding the ace of hearts (8)
9Helpful hints for dogs (8)
10Indigenous national leader gets musical backing (6)
11Memo that isn't composed now (2,4,6)
13Commotion requiring action? (2-2)
14Conveying rage and lust using sign language? (8)
17Hit and run in an offhand manner (8)
18Staunch supporter (4)
20Anger following open Christmas present (12)
23Hindu divinity originally veiled is seen here nearly uncovered (6)
24Composer entertaining fashionable members of a priestly caste (8)
25Fish seen below by Florence (8)
26Game with first of threes and nines at sixes and sevens (6)

2Press club (4)
3A muskmelon or cola nut pa sliced (9)
4He puts out sails (6,4)
5Scot's heart being stirred by Scottish woodchuck? (7,3,5)
6Last deer getting lion's share (8)
7Lug worm finally being a symbol (5)
8Playing at Vegas and getting benefits (10)
12One pretty woman with a resistance to Clinton (6,4)
15One from Northern Ireland must learn reconciliation (9)
16Corpulent guide, terribly weary (8)
19Not fully employed as an actor? (2,4)
21Indian leader raising primitive bird (5)
22Opposed to taking refuge in obscurantism (4)

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