Cryptic Crossword #53


1Salt dosage in a stew (3,3)
5Excels in open operations (8)
9Larks in a strange land (3,5)
10Write little in a period of five years (6)
11Tonic in Spanish port classification (12)
13Petty purpose (4)
14Unruly cur! Oaf! He is lacking social grace (8)
17Compound. Compound 2. Compound 18 (8)
18Eat some food in eateries (4)
20Part of America Yank set wrote about (3,4,5)
23Space station linking Southern Kentucky and Labrador (6)
24The progenitor of romance stories (8)
25Material making instrument stop functioning (8)
26Departed birds cheat cheats (6)

2Antony asked to borrow these - they're used by auditors (4)
3Flirting could end with marriage (9)
4European city, for example, up a river in Russia (6)
5Fruitless condition in South Africa (6,4,5)
6Butterflies with crowned heads (8)
7Principle unaffected by revolution (5)
8Church article's lamentation about liturgical music (10)
12One hurrying to cover boob in maudlin movie? (4-6)
15Posing nude, without clothes, naked ... (9)
16... unclad, showing off dire bods? (8)
19Was British police chief smelly? (6)
21Seaport of royal Tamerlane? (5)
22Angry about god (4)

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