Cryptic Crossword #54


1Religious assembly fitting in star (7)
5Wine from Greece brought back in canisters (7)
9Excessive praise for bad spelling ain't aloud (9)
10Scheme conclusion for jet set (5)
11Belgian port getting rid of an idiot (5)
12German award making press cranky (4,5)
13Feet of people who get talked about (7)
15Hazel's protector, say, makes one mad (7)
17French song composed by German boy in study (7)
19Ruler's wife appearing last month in Yemen's capital (7)
21Long Rhine sequence in Wagner's work (9)
23Bloomer made by member of string quartet (5)
25Peeled, making Pop embarrassed? (5)
26I need half a month before becoming a saint (9)
27Watch Obadiah attend to customers (7)
28Opponent of new technology did play instrument outside (7)

1Talk about rent for a piece of property (7)
2Excite mirth in a daughter of Mnemosyne (5)
3Times leader knocks adornments (9)
4Fruit is found in waterfalls (7)
5Asian capital managed by board (7)
6Subject to constant cold (5)
7A woman loved what a Roman is content about (9)
8Skill is extremely tangible for a performer (7)
14Grown-up kids' tender hearts god broke? (9)
16If forced, see idle TV broadcast (9)
17The song of Homer's charmer (7)
18Tell about French and Scottish island (7)
19The French inheritance given up by a former French colony (7)
20Expert made to order in the world of scholarship (7)
22The lowest point in a dire section (5)
24Pygmy antelope or Nile wader without a tail (5)

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