Cryptic Crossword #55


1Wildcats left out in capital (7)
5Journey to get crude oil in capital (7)
9Syrian mother with a part in a play (9)
10Birds in white trousers (5)
11A large rodent, being bashful, rolled up (5)
12Lined salt shaker made ready for use (9)
13British poet associated with gravity is having a merry time (7)
15Nits are possibly more unpleasant (7)
17Graphically describe harbour light (7)
19Distended, having bolted a stew (7)
21Author of Breathe Out, Lay Out, Going Out? (4,5)
23This is always resplendent, adorning heads (5)
25War or piecemeal missile (5)
26State control for Romanians (3,6)
27Revolutionary near the capital (7)
28Hotel of more than average height in capital (7)

1Will addition show 100 + 0 + 500 + 99 + 49? (7)
2Game for drunkard (5)
3Tom Cruise playing an outfitter (9)
4Carol goes round Royal Botanic Gardens, taking an oblique course (7)
5Turncoat's first motive for disloyalty (7)
6In Howard's End - one has a passage here from Forster (5)
7Believer in esoteric powers is joining quasi-religious group in October (9)
8Tavern drink for the auditor, one with access to confidential information (7)
14Metallic element forming excellent electrical connection (4,5)
16Something lacking in brief season (9)
17Field worker finding insect on vegetables (7)
18Moscow politician revolting in style (7)
19Bomb compartment - note damaged weapon (7)
20Monster devouring head of old mounted soldier (7)
22Where transport is provided by chopper (5)
24Arranging bail, one makes plea (5)

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