Cryptic Crossword #56


1Be supplied with wings, over and above (7)
5English poet writes about head of Scottish queen (7)
9Uncommon fly on rare plant (5,4)
10Stories least translated (5)
11Strap, though short, has hanger's heart (5)
12Giant fish, note, approaches Italian city (not capital) (9)
13Dead time after amusement in December (7)
15Unbeliever attending robbery (7)
17Man admitting setback for islanders (7)
19Artist's entrance (7)
21Repudiating a pig that's eating out (9)
23Introduction to book by mere poet (5)
25Muse about weed on top of Olympus (5)
26Gray's line about young animals (9)
27They try canopies (7)
28Oriental festival on the first of November (7)

1Scolded, undergo assessment (7)
2Authority, for example (sic) (3-2)
3The stagecoach industry (9)
4Dexterity is an insult, so we hear (7)
5Drink produced as grain ferments (7)
6Out of context rather more than is necessary (5)
7Game lord holds Nabokov novel with no leading character (9)
8Others acquired skill to turn over a new leaf (7)
14Sailors with thin skins are cinematic celebrities (4 5)
16Intoxicated with dances and drinks (9)
17Part of the USA obscured by mist and dew? (7)
18Furies, in ancient Greece or Ireland? Certainly! (7)
19Thankless person from Tangier (7)
20Treads for one of the family (7)
22Complete western part of golf course (5)
24Making a comeback in White Horse Inn, a musical heroine (5)

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