Cryptic Crossword #57


1Definitely the recital is arranged (7)
5Attack raise with no return (3,4)
9In abundance, doing a bun dance (9)
10Trunk and tangled roots (5)
11A small rig is something worth having (5)
12Attacked with words to violate one's hearing (9)
13Gold cot in rummage sale (7)
15Fixed penalty for 9 (7)
17Prudent law enforcers endlessly import information technology (7)
19Backward Nevada city or city singer (7)
21Material for men-at-arms (9)
23Not moving yet (5)
25Threefold test (5)
26Poem about social worker left with grace (9)
27Film star nuts about sheep (3,4)
28A fool had peas cooked (7)

1A Baptist's head held by a priest in a river (7)
2Dear benders (5)
3Prisoner with severe cramp (9)
4Omission in error is no lie (7)
5A Spanish guitarist goes out with one in Virginia (7)
6All the performers express disapproval about it (5)
7Dolly bird in temple (9)
8Do any letters appear after number 12? (7)
14Pantomime character having to join forces around Lake Superior (9)
16Be quick to make appearance with instrument (4,5)
17Apparition in Hampton maze (7)
18Errant son taking coin without permission (7)
19Like cold chops without nuts (7)
20Genuine assistance for the auditor is passed on (7)
22Scrimmage as Confederate general introduces himself to Tarzan? (5)
24Fiber extracted from thistles (5)

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