Cryptic Crossword #58


1Games held by people following revolutionary art movement (14)
10Some wear medals when carrying weapons (5)
11Peculiarity of family repeating letter (9)
12Places for vacations, quiet intervals or breaks (7)
13Feminine articles put in case (7)
14Exhausted writer found in street (5)
16A large bird or a large mammal that flies by Monica's sister (9)
19It's expedient to engage in habit-forming activity (9)
20Sign seen in more than fifty per cent of reading rooms (5)
22I fall over myself to get a bad reputation (3,4)
25Opposition leader has share in speech (7)
27They keep servants (9)
28Demand payment? Just so! (5)
29I, Adam (3,5,6)

2Meat and drink kept as refreshment? (4,5)
3Drain off lowest part (5)
4Asian president ordering Asian kit (9)
5Tears as leading character in romance dies (5)
6Everything, including meat, in stew is nutritious (9)
7Roman date and time that is in Latin (2,3)
8Sterne's novel settlers (7)
9People leader of Chinese rising cut in half (6)
15Conductor taking opera to Northern Ireland twice (9)
17Making Athenian weaver drink an informal toast (7,2)
18Bilbo got misled about a necessary part (9)
19I'm great novel detective (7)
21A small insect with eastern relative (6)
23Flower inducing forgetfulness in vaudeville theater (5)
24We turned up with endless Irish pitchers (5)
26A Muslim leader's energy efficiency ratio as a Muslim leader (5)

Demand Media